Slotified Exposes 15 Common Misconceptions About Slots

Slotified Exposes 15 Common Misconceptions About Slots

Many gamblers’ inability to accept that gambling is a game outside of their control can be traced back to ingrained myths and superstitions. Slot machines date back to the very first casinos in the world. As a result, it’s little wonder there are so many slot myths. Many players’ inability to accept slots as a game of pure chance and luck is due in large part to the widespread myths and misunderstandings surrounding them. Every player thought, “There has to be a trick.”

There Are Hot Streaks and Cold Streaks in Slot Machines

The Truth is That Slot Machine Results Are Completely Random

The design of slot machines ensures that each spin is completely independent of any other. This means that hot and cold streaks do not exist in online slots. You can count on each spin of a real-life slot machine to have completely unpredictable results. When gamers think they have a slot machine figured out, it is usually just luck. One of the biggest slot fallacies is that players might experience hot or cold streaks.

Slot Machines That Have Recently Paid a Jackpot Are Unlikely to Pay Out Again for Some Time

Wins at the Jackpot Are Truly Random

Each spin has independent odds that have nothing to do with the ones that came before. If a player is particularly fortunate, they may win multiple consecutive jackpots from a slot machine.

The idea that factors that have no bearing on the odds of winning can alter slot machine performance has given rise to several myths and misunderstandings. Everyone who plays slot machines wants to feel safe, and many look to techniques and recommendations offered by other players to improve their odds of winning. But whether or not a slot machine has paid out a jackpot recently, success ultimately depends on chance.

Slot Machines Have a Periodic Payout Schedule

The Truth is That Slot Machines Payout in Cycles, but Only at Random

Even though slot machine payouts have nothing to do with cycles, many gamblers have come to accept the myth that slots can be predicted using mathematics. Discussing the outcome of future spins requires an uncorrupted slot machine, so its behaviour cannot be predicted. Therefore, a cyclical payment pattern does not exist unless you are using a compromised slot machine.

Online Slots Are Not as Fair as Their Land-based Counterparts


Both types of slots use a random number generator and a return to-player percentage to determine rewards. The return to player (RTP) and variance of a slot machine remains the same whether you play at an online casino or a brick-and-mortar casino. The main difference between online slot machines and traditional ones is their portability.

There is a common misunderstanding that some slot machines are more fair than others. Online and offline machines alike utilize something called a Random Number Generator to ensure fair play in all of their encounters.

During the Day’s Slower Times, Slot Machines Pay Out More Money

The Payout Percentage of a Slot Machine Does Not Change or Update Over Time; It Always Remains the Same

This is just another illogical slot machine myth. And if a casino could easily change the payout rate of their gadgets, why wouldn’t they try to do so anytime business picks up or drops off? It’s just incomprehensible. Your chances of winning at any one slot machine are fixed and will not change no matter how many people are playing at the same time.

High-rollers and VIPs Get Preference in Casinos for Progressive Jackpots

The Truth is That It is Against the Law for Casinos to Pick and Choose Who Gets Paid Out and When

A progressive jackpot can be won by anybody who plays. The only possible exception to this misconception is progressive jackpot online slots, where the odds of winning increase with the amount gambled per spin. Online casinos do not control who wins a progressive jackpot, thus higher stakes players have a better chance of winning. Also, casinos can’t be biassed because it’s against the law.

Using Auto Play Features Result in Lower Payouts Than Spinning Manually

The Truth is That Player Behaviour Has No Bearing on a Slot Machine’s Payout Percentage

The payout percentage of an online slot machine is independent of how you choose to spin the reels. Like the idea that lifting the lever on a land-based slot machine increases your chances of winning, this is one of the slot myths that persist online. The primary goal of an auto-spin function is to alleviate players of the burden of having to spin the reels manually. This means that the game can be played more quickly.

All Slots Pay the Same Lie

The Truth is Every Single Slot Machine at a Casino Has Its Individual Payout Percentage

There is a logic behind why each slot machine, whether physical or digital, has its return-to-player percentage. various slot machines have varying RTPs, hence they all have various payout percentages. This is done so that the gameplay and return to the user are uniquely tailored to each option. It is unlikely that two slots would have the same RTP without being designed to pay and behave similarly.

Payscales Are Not Necessary for Players to Understand

The Correct Method for Playing Pick’em Slots Requires Careful Study of the Pay Tables

The paytable provides comprehensive information about the slot machine. Keep in mind that the betting criteria to activate some special symbols may be found in the paytables. It also gives the game of the slot machine greater depth. For instance, you can learn the rationale for the outcomes of your spins, whether you won or lost. Before playing a slot machine, it is important to familiarise oneself with its paytable.

Slot Machines Are Completely Random With No House Advantage

The Results of Slot Machines Are Completely Random, and the House Has an Inherent Advantage

The RTP and the holding % are constants. The term “Return To Player” (RTP) refers to the theoretically expected rate of return for players. If a game has a Return to Player (RTP) of 97 percent, then players may expect to win back roughly 97 percent of their wagers. Three percent is kept by the casino and eventually comes back to the establishment.

Hackers Can Infiltrate Online Slot Machines

Truth – It’s Quite Unlikely, but if They Manage It, They’ve Committed a Crime

The opposite is true. The use of cutting-edge technology in the development of online slot machines ensures your safety. However, there have been isolated cases of people trying to break into slot machines and either failing or getting caught.

You could waste your time and money trying to “hack” or “cheat” online slot machines. Attempting to break into a gambling machine also has legal repercussions.

Casinos Can Change the Odds of Winning From a Distance

Truth — It’s Possible, but No Legit Casino Would Ever Break the Law to Do So

Slot machine odds in casinos are often predetermined by regulations. However, no casino would ever intentionally increase or decrease the odds of winning at a slot machine from a distance. Slot machines are removed from service, recalibrated, and then returned if they are found to be malfunctioning or not random. In addition, slot machines will never be serviced or adjusted during a game. Therefore, respectable casinos can rule out the possibility of remote meddling.

Casinos Conceal High Return-to-player Slot Machines

The Truth is That There Are Zero Incentives for a Casino to Conceal High Rtp Slot Machines

Casinos won’t try to keep the RTP of their slot machines a secret from players because that would be unfair and could drive away wagerers. If casinos didn’t need to have slot machines with a high return to player percentage, they wouldn’t provide them.  Once reported, the relevant regulatory body can issue fines to any casino found guilty of concealing slots with high RTP.

Payouts From a Slot Machine Are Affected by a Player’s Betting Pattern

The Truth is That Slot Machine Payouts Are Not Influenced by Player Behaviour

This is another common misconception about slots that is nearly impossible to disprove. There is no way to influence a slot machine’s payouts by betting. varied betting strategies lead to varied wagering preferences among players. But this has no bearing on how a machine will pay out. Slot machine operation and payouts are completely randomized to ensure player safety and keep things unpredictable.

You Can Only Win Big if You Bet the Maximum Amount

Maximising Your Wager Will Increase Your Chances of Winning, but It is Not the Most Important Factor

There is some truth to this slot machine urban legend, but it is far from the whole truth. However, placing the maximum wager indeed enables access to more bonuses and symbols. A slot machine’s RTP is unaffected by this, even if it may increase your chances of winning. Taking advantage of bonuses and patiently waiting for luck is the best strategy for maximising your winnings. The misconceptions and rumors surrounding slots won’t go away anytime soon. According to Slotified however, the basic fact of slots is that your success depends entirely on chance.

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